Kindergarten Project

Leaf Project

The kindergarteners had a fun-filled learning activity last week, as they continued on the leaf project. They drew leaves out of the recycled painted paper (Preschool class’s moon!), then they cut out their leaves. We asked them these questions “What are you good at?”, “What are your friends good at?”    They all had facinating answers as we helped them write their answers on the leaves. One friend said  ”I'm good at drawing” “My friend is good at finding anything”, “She is good at reading books at   library time”, “She is good at playing guitar”, “She is good at helping me”. Afterwards, we hang  the leaves on our Sui tree. It’s so wonderful to see that the kindergarteners know themselves and their friends; the things they are capable of as well as knowing and appreciating their friends. It was also a good reminder that we can do so much with recycled/scrap papers.